Hungry head is a place with a unique concept of cooking our regular Maggi in different ways with different flavors, vegetables etc. This serve an authentic food which pacifies your soul (if you're a Maggi lover)😉. Their liquids are awesome to chill your mood.

  • Kabita Sharma


I personally am a big Maggi fan, so I decided to visit this place. It was not very crowded on a weekday evening. First I ordered Lemon Mojitos, they were cool and refreshing. For main course, I ordered the Maggi Sizzler, it was huge. The only difference I could make out was that, the sauce was Chipotle, and the one mentioned on their menu was Shashlik. Nevertheless, I loved the flavor. It was delicious. Later I ordered the three cheese Magpizza, it had a lot of vegetables, but something it lacked was taste, it was very bland, therefore I had to toss a lot of chilly flakes and oregano to get some flavor. The staff is a little slow, and they don't offer change and ask you for it. That part disappointed me too.

I'd rate the ambience : 7/10
The food : 8/10
The service : 7/10

  • Suchitra


Ambience 4.5/5
Service 4.5/5
Maggi lovers must visit this place. It is commendable how they have come with varieties of Maggi and drinks and desserts are cherry on the cake!
I love lots of veggies and they include most of them like baby corn, olives, jalapeños, zukini, carrots
Suggestions :
1)Piccadilla 5/5 - Cheesy, tangy, Maggi with lots of veggies..quantity good for 2 people
2)3 chess maagizza 4/5 - quantity good for 3 people. Cause it becomes heavy like Maggi on pizza but tastes yum..
3)Kiwi ice Tea 5/5 - must must try, has a subtle touch of kiwi flavor!

  • Himani Nemade


Nice small restaurant in Ghatkopar East ... minimilast decor... slow service ... nice food... interesting menu ... classic burger👍... must try flat breads also ... economical priced... will come back again

  • Rajiv Dhirwani


Became a great fan of maggizza- pizza!
Superb taste.
Good ambience.
Value for money.
Best place for small brunches and hangouts with friends!

  • Aditya Chaudhari


Friendly staff and great taste!
We tried the very-famous-over-the-internet maggie sizzler and it actually lived upto the hype! It was a delicious combo of maggie, veggies, fries, sauces, etc. Surely a must try! We also tried all the three (pan, strawberry and coffee) shots, even they tasted pretty good.

  • Saurabhi Shetye